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What You Wish You Knew Before Starting Secondary School…

Are you anxious about your first day at Secondary School? 😱

Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered.

The power of hindsight is a valuable thing! We asked a ton of people of all ages what they wish they knew before starting their first day at secondary school. If you’re feeling anxious about the big day, here are some pearls of wisdom from people who have been there and done that!

Here’s what they said…

“Be yourself and don’t change for anyone!” – Jess, 24

“Enjoy it! Year 7 is the best year so make sure you take everything in and make the most of it” – Tom, 18

“You’ll grow into your uniform eventually!” – Maria, 32

“Don’t try too hard to be ‘cool’ just do you and you’ll make friends that are worth keeping” – Steve, 45

“It’s normal to be nervous but you’ll get used to it pretty quick” – Jaycee, 19

“Don’t get too excited about school cafeteria food!” – Georgie, 26

“Join the clubs- its a really good way to make friends, I didn’t bother until year 9 but wish I did it sooner!” – Luna, 20

“Drama is awesome make sure you audition for the school productions!” – Emma, 23

“Don’t eat the mystery meat curry… lol” – Dan, 22

“Be your authentic self – pretending to be someone you’re not for five years is exhausting.” – Moira, 45

“I wish I knew that grades aren’t everything – don’t be too hard on yourself” – Jetta, 29

“Do your own thing. You don’t need to follow the crowd” – Arman, 24

“You probably won’t have a clue what’s going on for the first couple of weeks but DW it all falls in to place eventually.” – Ellie, 27

“You’re gonna get lost at some point. Carry a map.” – Charly, 16

“Try to care less about what other people think (easier said, than done!).” – Alex, 30

“Turns out, the ‘cool kids’ weren’t that cool after all…” – Josh, 28

“Some teachers are actually really nice and care a lot. Others, not so much.” – Kevin, 37

“I’d say don’t believe stereotypes – people are different” – James, 18

“Never compare yourself to other people, you are your own person – do your own thing!” – Alecia, 17

“Take lots of pictures…. not in class though unless you wanna get your phone confiscated!” – Sam, 20 

“When it feels like the world is ending, remember that when you look back in a few years time, this matters a lot less than you think” – Danni, 34

“Revision is everything!!!” – Nancy, 16

“The “band wagon” is not the best place to be” – Martin, 52

“These will be the very best years of your life, enjoy them and don’t hold back!”- Amy, 29

“I would tell myself that my problems aren’t as big as I thought they were and to stop freaking out over the littlest things.” – Bailey, 17

For some lolworthy tips on high school expectations vs reality – click here!


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