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18 Things Only Introverts Will Understand…

It may seem like the most trivial of tasks for someone else, but to an introvert, it can seem like a monumental mountain to climb… If you prefer your own company, love sitting in darkness and your ideal holiday is playing games for two weeks at home, read on… we bet you’ll relate to some of these:

1. When you need to hide under the covers for 2 days after a large family gathering.

2. When you need to find a cupboard to hang out in for half an hour at a party to get some ‘chill time’.

3. That feeling of terror when you realise your mate brought a new friend along without letting you know before…

4. Feeling like you almost always would rather stay indoors and watch Netflix than go out with mates… who needs parties when you’ve got 4 seasons of The Walking Dead to catch up on?!

5. The absolute terror that passes through you when you have to introduce yourself in ‘ice-breaker’ activities … “Hi, my name is Bob and I’m from Brighton” suddenly becomes the most impossible tongue twister… 😳

6. Those people on the train who speak full volume on the phone about their “cuurrazzzy night out last night” 😡😡😡

7. That overwhelming feeling when you have plans for the weekend…

8. When you get a call from an unknown number…. In fact, when you get a call from any number!

9. #SquadGoals (cats, cats and more cats)

10. When your mate turns up at your house, unannounced.

11. When you have to call the dentist to re-arrange an appointment…

12. That feeling of absolute dread when you have to send back your uncooked food at a restaurant… “really, it’s ok… I’d rather just get food poisoning”

13. “I’m not unsociable… I’d just rather not see or speak to anyone for an indefinite amount of time…”

14. When you’re home you wanna go out, but when you’re out you wanna go home… 😱

15. You have perfected the art of ‘the disappearing act’. Rather than endure the “oh c’mon mate, stay a bit longer” you can slip out the door completely unnoticed. Followed up of course, by a simple but effective message: ‘c u next time, k thanx bye xxx’

16. “A date? …Oh no thanks, I’m not really a fan of dried fruit…” 😂😂😂

17. The disappointment when someone decides to take your route home and proceeds to talk to you the entire way… 🙄

18. #HouseGoals:

Can you relate to any of these? Take our quiz to find out if you’re an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between!