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The Long-Term Effects of Bullying

The impacts of bullying can affect crucial aspects of everyday life, even after bullying has ended. So, what are the long-term effects? We all know bullying is bad, but are we actually aware of the lasting impacts it can have on the mental health of those who experience it?

According to the most recent Ditch the Label research, those who experienced bullying in the last 12 months say they went on to develop social anxiety, depression and some even experienced suicidal thoughts.

Interestingly, the stats on the impacts of cyberbullying were even higher, proving that our digital lives are having as much, if not more, of an impact on us than ever.

Of those who experienced bullying in the last year, we found:

  • 37% developed social anxiety
  • 36% developed depression
  • 24% has suicidal thoughts
  • 23% self-harmed
  • 21% skipped class at school or college
  • 12% developed anti-social behaviors
  • 12% developed an eating disorder
  • 10% ran away from home
  • 8% abused alcohol and/or drugs
Ditch the Label – Annual Bullying Survey 2017

Of those who experienced cyberbullying in the last year:

  • 41% developed social anxiety
  • 37% developed depression
  • 26% has suicidal thoughts
  • 26% deleted their social media profile
  • 25% self-harmed
  • 24% stopped using social media
Ditch the Label – Annual Bullying Survey 2017

Bullying is proven to have a lasting effect on our mental health.

The link between bullying and mental health is actually not as one-dimensional as you might think. In fact, it’s actually more of a circle. Those with mental health problems are more likely to be bullied, and those who are bullied are more likely to develop a mental health problem… and the cycle continues.

It can also affect your parental relationships, academic results and self-esteem long into your future. But after the bullying has ended, you shouldn’t focus on what has happened to you, but acknowledge it and focus on taking care of yourself and growing as a person.

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