Identity Update

The Anthem

We live in a world where it is a rebellion to be yourself. Where people are ostracised and bullied because of attitudes towards how they look, who they love, the colour of their skin or pretty much anything that makes them unique. We say enough is enough. It’s time to rebel against the pressure to change yourself to ‘fit in’.  It’s time to embrace yourself for who you truly are. It’s time for a revolution.

This is our vision. This is our purpose.

This is our manifesto.

Ditch the Label’s Anthem.


  • Who's your favorite sanrio character??
    ive kind of developed a sanrio obsession lol who's ur fave character? mine's keroppi and kuromi also gudetama
  • _Where To Find Love_
    D on't overthink this. Find the best in places and activities you enjoy most. eg. If you are really into social justice, volunteer. The club probably aren't where you'll find true love
  • I dont know
    I need someone to talk to
  • Why am I being having to be approved?
    I'm confused what have I done..
  • Hey guys I need some advice
    So I've been going by the name Jasper for over a year (I'm trans FtM) and as of a few days ago its started feeling like it doesnt feel right anymore. I'm not sure why this is but I get this kind of dull feeling as if Jasper isnt for me. It's really confusing and […]
  • Community looks different!
    Hi everyone! As you can see, Community is looking a bit different - it is working as it should so please do keep posting as normal. Our support mentors will also respond as usual. This will only be temporary as we are actively working on getting it back to it's former glory! We will keep […]