Mental Health Research: What 12 Million Conversations Can Teach Us

Using Social Data to Produce the Largest Mental Health Research

The link between bullying and mental health is indisputable. Recent data from The Annual Bullying Survey 2017 shows us that 1-in-4 of those subjected to bullying have self-harmed, 37% felt socially anxious and 36% became depressed. Bullying leads to the development of eating disorders, body dysmorphia and anti-social behaviors and we know that it can, and does often, have a long-term impact by undermining the self-esteem and confidence of those who experience it.

Mental health is inevitably an issue that we at Ditch the Label are incredibly passionate about. Young people tell us every single day about some of the struggles they face and about the unique challenges posed by modern society and culture. One young person previously told us that living with the stigma of depression was often harder than living with the symptoms.

Mental health is a topic that connects us all. We all have it, yet the public narrative is often negative and fear-mongering. We believe that mental health should be spoken about as we do physical health and this research, we hope, will contribute towards the existing movement that addresses mental health stigma and educates people about their own health.

Working with Brandwatch has given us a unique opportunity to analyse 12.9 million conversations surrounding mental health in the United Kingdom across a period of four years. We are jointly passionate about understanding the current climate and narrative of mental health and collectively will be using this research to influence culture – not just internally within our own organisations, but globally.

Download our latest mental health research now and see what 12.9 million online conversations will teach you.