Exposed: The Scale of Transphobia Online

Transphobia Research

Did you know that each minute in the UK and US, 8 transphobic posts are published online? Ranging from insults and harassment to calls for the genocide of transgender people and their allies. At Ditch the Label, we’ve become increasingly alarmed at the climate of online hate, with a particular emphasis on transphobia, so we felt compelled to act.

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Proudly joining forces with Brandwatch, we’ve been able to publish new transphobia research from the analysis of 10-million public posts over a 3.5 year period; evaluating the current climate and extent of digital transphobia. Over 1.5 million instances were recorded and clearly mapped out against ‘real world’ events, highlighting for the first time ever, the key moments and people influencing the discourse of transphobia.

Transphobia Research - Online instances versus offline events
Transphobia Research – Online instances versus offline events

Our transphobia research pivots the first time that big data has been used in this way and for the first time ever, the report is presented in an interactive format – allowing you to explore the research in depth. This report is therefore purely digital, with no PDF available.

Key findings

Over 1.5 million transphobic posts found online over the three and a half year period

Race is the biggest driver of transphobia online in the US and second in the UK, while politics is the biggest driver of transphobia online in the UK

Parenting topics are being used to justify transphobia onlne, e.g. “as a mother of two kids”

Forums and video sites see the worst ratios of pro-trans vs transphobic abuse online

The first ever Pyramid of Transphobia shows the escalation of transphobia online, from transphobic attitudes to calls for violence and genocide

Click to view our transphobia research report, ‘Exposed: The Scale of Transphobia Online’. If you’re impacted by any of the issues highlighted in this report, please click here for help and support.