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Real Life People Strip Naked For Our Body Image Social Experiment

Welcome to The Body Confidence Revolution

1 in 2 of us now want to change how we look, with people as young as 13 now considering things like plastic surgery, botox and liposuction in order to feel good about themselves.

At Ditch the Label, we’re taking a stand against the unrealistic beauty standards that are passed down to us from mainstream media and the beauty and fashion industries.

We’re taking a stand against the fact that the only bodies shown in campaigns are muscular guys and super skinny girls and want to show that there is so much more diversity and everybody is beautiful in their own way. Some people represent the bodies we see in the media, and that’s okay. But some people don’t, and that’s okay too.

As part of this campaign, we invited hundreds of people to our gallery to come and get naked and have their body represented in our campaign. It was an open call and everybody was welcome. The images are all untouched and are featured in the video below.

We then went further and selected a range of different body shapes and invited the general public to come and talk about the bodies they find most attractive, and why, for our latest video.

Watch Our New Video Now

We will now be using the video and gallery both online and through our work with schools and colleges to increase body confidence and self-esteem.