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In:Game Abuse – What You Need to Know

Ditch the Label and Habbo have teamed up to find out the extent and nature of online bullying and in game abuse within digital gaming environments. Here’s what we found out, in a nutshell:

In:Game Abuse

57% of people have been bullied in a game
64% have been trolled in an online game
57% have been subjected to hate speech in game
47% of people have received threats
40% have experienced unwanted sexual contact
38% have been hacked
34% have had personal information shared in a game

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Those who experience bullying in real life, are more likely to use video games as a way of escape and distraction from the hassle they get offline. Imagine getting home after being bullied at school, only to go online to receive yet more abuse in games from absolute strangers – no one should have to put up with that!

80% of those surveyed said they have never bullied somebody in an online game, this may be the case, however this could also be due to the fact that some may not even realise that they are displaying bullying behaviours. Let’s enjoy games the way they are supposed to be played by taking a united approach to tackle bullying online.

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