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Gaming Terminology: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever been playing an online game and had no idea what everyone was talking about? If yes, this may be of use to you. If not… hopefully, this helps anyway. Here is some common gaming terminology to help you understand what everyone is saying.

Common terms

So to get you started on this, here are a few common phrases that will help you understand what everyone is trying to say:

Achievement – when a player completes specific tasks the game will reward them with an achievement trophy

Easter egg – A secret hidden within a game by developers.

Triple-A or AAA – When a game is described as “AAA” it means it has a high budget and created by a major studio

Noob – To be called a noob means that you have the gaming skill of a new player (it’s an insult)

Clan – A clan is a group of gamers together in a game. Just think of it as an online gang

Spawn – The starting point for a character

Nerf The deliberate weakening of a character, weapon or tool so it is balanced with other characters, weapons and tools

Hacker – A player that has broken into the game and changed or manipulated it

Griefer – somebody that deliberately trolls or harasses other players

Skin – It can be a different character design, or a different colour item or piece of clothing (typically these are earned by playing the game a lot or paying with a micro-transaction)

Open Beta – A pre-release version of a game that is opened to users to play before it is released to test features and functionality

Open-world – When a game has a huge map to explore and storylines’ narratives are designed to be non-linear

Bug A broken part of a game

RP – Role-playing inside a game. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be a role-playing game, but people will play it as one nonetheless

Killstreak when multiple kills are made during one life in the game

Sweaty – trying really hard at the game

Camper – a player hiding in the same location to try and sneak up or surprise people

Microtransaction/s – downloadable content that people pay for using a small amount of money

Ragequit – somebody who quits the game mid-way through due to frustration or anger

Mod – a modification to the original game, sometimes can be a fully-fledged version of the game. Some mods have become full-games in themselves.

Lag – a slow internet moment that can ruin the game

Buff – a positive change to a weapon, character or tool

Salty Being upset or bitter

Grind – To constantly put in effort at getting better at a game, to unlock an achievement or item

Sus – short for “suspicious”

Dub or ‘w’ – A win

Jebaited – to be exposed

Pog – used as a variation on ‘wow’

Bot – an AI-controlled character in a game

Smurf – An experienced player creates a new account to play against lower skilled players

Rez – to resurrect a fallen or dead player in a game

Kappa – a word indicating sacarsm

Aggro – A player or character in game is getting aggressive at you

Drops – a unlockable item which contains rare items or achievements

Cheese – A way for players to win a game that developers did not foresee

Alpha, Bravo or Charlie – Flags A, B or C

Feeder – somebody who is dying repeatedly (either intentionally or not)

Rekt – Usually used when someone has out-played another player

I know, I know, this is basically like learning a new language. We’ll do one more. Sound good? Here are a few common words you can use to communicate with your gaming friends.


These are quite popular in games as it makes ordinarily long sentences easier to type.cou

AFK – Away From Keyboard

NPC – Non-Playable Character

IRL – In Real Life

GG – Good Game

FPS – First Person Shooter

MOBA – Multiplayer online battle arena

MMO – Massively Multiplayer Online

RPG – Role-playing game

BR – Battle Royale

F2P – Free to play

PTW – Play to win

OP – Over-Powered

WP – Well played

XP – Experience Points

GLHF – Good luck, have fun

DLC – Downloadable Content

PVP – Player vs player

PVE – Player vs environment

NP – No problem

AD – Attack damage

HP – health points

FTW – “for the win”

PK – Player killer

EZ – ‘easy’

KD – Kill death ratio

DC – Disconnected from the game

OTW – On the way

Lb+Y – Used in FIFA to Lb+y or LbY is to play a through ball over the top of the defence.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something from this and can now understand what everyone’s talking about or at least have a better understanding of some of this language.

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