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Five Things We Tell Ourselves When We’re Struggling with our Mental Health (but probably shouldn’t)

When you’re struggling with your mental health it’s easy for your mind to play tricks on you. It can convince you of thoughts that stop you getting the help that you need. Often, it’s easier to downplay what you’re going through because admitting it can be really scary. There are certain thoughts that will play over and over and whilst they are completely normal, you should be careful with how much attention you pay to them. Here are five things we should stop telling ourselves:

“Everyone else feels that too”

It’s easy to dismiss feelings because you think everyone else feels the same. Everyone gets sad and feels worried to some extent, so why are you any different? Well, you shouldn’t lessen what you are going through based on the experiences of others. Having a down day is not the same as being depressed, feeling worried is not the equivalent of having anxiety and wanting control over what happens in life does not compare to an obsessive disorder. What you are going through is valid and deserves attention paid to it.

“People don’t want to hear it”

It’s only natural to feel that other people won’t be concerned with your struggles. Why would they want to take on your issues and have you dampen their mood? You’re probably thinking it would just be easier to keep them to yourself. But, you don’t need to do that. There are people that want to help and will value your voice even if you don’t think that they will. Someone will always be there to listen.

“No one will understand”

The thing about mental health is that it is individual to each person and cannot be compared easily. So, yes, in many ways people may not understand exactly how you feel. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t be helpful to you. Just knowing that someone has gone through something similar, or relates to your feelings even slightly, goes a long way in relieving some pressure. You may receive helpful advice or just find comfort in knowing that you are not completely alone.

“I’ll be judged”

When it comes to being judged, we often imagine what other people think of us to be far worse than what it is. In reality, most people are more worried about themselves than what you are doing! Mental health is being spoken about more openly than ever before and the stigma attached to it is lessening. As a result, it is more likely than ever that by opening up, you will receive more support and less judgment.

“People will be wary of me”

There’s still an assumption that telling people about mental health symptoms will result in them not knowing how to react to you. The fear that people will treat you differently is really real. In reality, people are more likely to be wary of what they don’t know. Being as open as possible could mean that people will be more comfortable around you. Or, if for any reason they are unsure they will be more likely to be open and ask you.

Everyone has mental health and it’s about time we started talking about it! Whatever is on your mind right now, head over to the Ditch the Label Support Community to talk it through with a digital mentor or someone who’s been there before: