Women protesting

It’s International Women’s Day and that can only mean one thing – a whole big bunch of content celebrating everything about being a woman! This year, we are celebrating with this awesome list of amazing Instagrammers and campaigners that you need to follow right now to fill your feed with some positive feminist vibes and all-round girl power representation. This will have you scrollin’ all through the weekend, so hit follow and watch as these independent women tear up the rule book and live life their way. 

1) Munroe Bergdorf

Model, activist and all-round girl boss, Munroe has advocated for trans rights since she began openly identifying as a woman when she was 24. Now, she is conquering social media with her activism, independent woman vibes and all-round gorgeous aesthetic.


2) Sonny Turner 

Sonny is a plus sized model, who advocates for wider plus sized representation in high-end fashion. She recently took part in a campaign to diversify London Fashion Week, and does it all whilst also running her amazing body positivity insta. So, brighten up your news feed and get some Son-shine in your life! 


3) Mia Kang 

Feeling the gymtimidation? Mia Kang will bring you all the exercise empowerment vibes you could ever need. Muay Thai fighter and all round badass biatch, Mia shows everyone the fighting ring is definitely not for boys only. 


4) Katherine Ryan

She’s made herself a household name in the male dominated world of comedy, but Katherine Ryan is also a women’s rights and equality campaigner, good cause supporter, TV host, radio presenter, podcast extraordinaire and all round total girl boss.


5) Marawa Ibrahim

Campaigner for awareness of anxiety and depression and massive mental health advocate, Marawa is a Majorette, giving all kinds of roller-skating, hula-hooping and circus skills vibes. She is also a world-record hula-hooper, and her high-heeled roller skates are seriously giving us life. 


6) Abbie Bull 

Abbie is a front runner in the skin positivity movement. Posting a mix of real photos about accepting her acne and facial scarring along with make-up ideas and tutorials (including some fierce AF make up ideas for occasions), she is a force to be reckoned with.


7) Sam Renke

Disability campaigner, actress, writer, influencer – there is nothing holding back Sam Renke. Follow her insta for some seriously beautiful vibes of holidays, fashion and campaigns and her twitter for everything related to her disability advocacy and activism. 


8) Michelle Elman

Michelle, a.k.a @scarrednotscared, is a body confidence coach, author, motivational speaker, podcast host and still has time to be an absolutely astounding Instagram campaigner. She makes world domination look fierce AF.


9) Charlie Craggs

Founder of Nail Transphobia, Charlie is fighting transphobic abuse one manicure at a time. She is also a boss ambassador for The London Trans Clinic, influencer and author, all whilst campaigning for trans rights. Basically, she’s #killingit.


10) Viktoria Modesta

Viktoria is a bionic artist, model, speaker, singer-songwriter and DJ. She has turned living as an amputee into an art form with incredible visually stunning prosthetics that feature in her art. If there is anyone that will have you glued to IG for hours, it’s her.


International Women’s Day is all about celebrating being a girl or woman. Our list here is only the tip of a very very large iceberg of amazing empowered women who are quite literally ruling the world with fierce AF campaigning. Feeling inspired yet? We sure are.


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why we should all be meditating

Why do we give meditation such a hard time?

We are all a little guilty of making up our minds about things before we really give them a go and meditation is no exception. In fact if we asked you what you think of meditation right now, you could probably reel off a list of judgements and cliches you have picked up and a lot of them wouldn’t be coming from a place of experience.

No biggie, we all do it. But meditation is the real deal, so any judgement or fear is actually blocking you from something pretty awesome! It’s time to brush that judgement aside people, cause what you need is a bit of meditation in your life!

What are the benefits of meditation?

The benefits are endless but here are a few to get you persuaded:

1. Meditation is good for your brain
Research shows that meditation increases something called ‘cortical thickness’ which is related to our attention spans and ability to observe our own emotions and emotional wellbeing.

 2. Meditation will make you wise
That’s right, it’s good for a certain bran tissue called grey matter which is responsible for wisdom, intelligence, common sense, reason and understanding so you can be like a non-green Yoda.

3. It makes you feel good
Research shows that meditation decreases Anxiety and stress making you feel more relaxed and happier.

4. It’s good for your heart ❤️
Meditation makes you compassionate, empathetic, helpful and is also proven to give you strength to get through tough times! We could all do with that from time to time!

5. Meditation is what you make of it
It’s not about sitting dead still for hours on end like a buddhist monk, or clearing your mind completely it’s simply an opportunity to switch off and chill out.

…Yes really, meditation has the power to do all that!
One of the best pieces of advice about meditation is this:

“The only wrong way to meditate is to not do it at all.”

This advice is spot on because it taps right into that fear that most of us have: That somehow we would do it wrong or look silly. Meditation is not about performance or concentration, it is about relaxation and learning to let go of concentration and control – who doesn’t need a bit of that?!

Try it, we dare you! Check out this easy to follow guide to get you started, you can thank us later 😉

13 Things You Need to Know When Coming Out as Bisexual

Are you ready to come out as bisexual? We know you’ve probably spent countless hours wondering if bisexuality best describes you– so let us be the first ones to congratulate you!

This identity is so powerful. You’re ready to be open and honest about something you value. It’s ok to start off slow– you may not be ready to tell the whole world! We have 13 Tips for Coming Out as Bisexual to help you decide who, when, and how you might tell someone.

1. Decide who, when, and where would be the safest to tell someone.

Your safety is #1. You can slide LGBTQ+ topics into your conversation to see how a friend/family member responds, and notice what environments are the most private. Having a friend who knows your location when you tell someone might help ease any anxiety.

2. Who’s the first person you want to tell?

Consider who might take the news well. This may be a best friend, a close family member, distant relative, or acquaintance. Coming out to the “easier” people first will be a great start to building your support team. You’ll then have reassurance for any people who might be more challenging to come out to.

3. How are you going to tell them?

There are so many different ways to tell someone… Will you send them a text? Say something over family dinner? Or maybe bring it up during a hike? Ideally, keep the environment neutral and remain calm so you can fully express yourself.

[full-width-figure image=”https://us.ditchthelabel.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2018/06/photo-1437915219556-8c287594737a-1.jpeg”]

4. Celebrate whenever you tell someone.

No matter how small– you’ve just been completely open with someone! We love hearing about successes on our Support Community. Check out the Brag Box.

5. Be prepared for a shock.

Your sexuality is not something new to you– it’s part of you… but other people may not have expected this. Shock can cause all sorts of reactions– be prepared for any emotion, from disinterest to anger, or sadness. Remind yourself that sexuality is a completely natural thing, and that you’re better for having told someone.

6. Help them understand.

Bisexuality is not a term that’s widely understood, or accepted. Many people have misconceptions around bisexuality- check out 10 Things People Say to Bisexuals. Dispel these myths by helping people understand the facts.

7. Who can they tell?

How this truth spreads is your choice. Give clear boundaries for who they can tell. Remind them how important it is for you that they keep it to themselves, at least while you finish telling the necessary people in your life.

8. Give them time to process.

If they’re sad, or angry, remind yourself that this is their process. It’s not your fault. You were just speaking your truth and wanted to help them know you better. Do not feel guilty for their emotions, and if you find their words are hurting you– give yourself some space.

9. Address the conflict.

If someone’s reaction hurts you, check out our information on resolving a conflict, here. This can create a safe place to talk about how their actions have made you feel, and they’ll have a chance to talk about how they’re feeling. If setting up a conflict resolution isn’t a possibility, consider writing them a letter that includes how you’re feeling, and what you would like to happen for the future.

10. If they can’t accept you – distance yourself.

It’s easier said than done, we know, but try to avoid expectations when telling people that you’re bisexual. Some people may not accept the fact that you’re bisexual, and that’s okay. But it doesn’t mean you have to try to keep them as friends. Good family and friends accept the full you!

11. Come out, again.

Although it does tend to get easier the more you tell people, sharing that you’re bisexual never stops. New people come into our lives, as do new love interests. Sometimes they deserve to know the full extent of our sexuality.

12. Check out LGBTQ+ and Bi-specific resources in your area.

Meeting people who may have had similar experiences is so powerful for feeling accepted! Finding a group where you can be fully yourself, without judgement, is a beautiful thing.

13. Join our Community

If in-person resources aren’t in your area, or if you prefer an online community, join our Support Community! Many of our other members are figuring out how to share their sexuality with people, too.

Mindfulness is a word that is used a lot these days, and for good reason too. It’s a simple practice that can improve both your mental and physical health, boost self-confidence and help you see calm in stressful situations. It definitely sounds like something we could benefit from, but do we really know what it is?

Okay, so how do you be ‘mindful’ and what does ‘being’ actually mean?

Essentially, being mindful is allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment you are in. It’s where you remove any judgment and just allow a moment to exist exactly as it is. This means that you take time to notice every little detail, from colours to sounds, and create a true sense of ‘being’.

Imagine that you are sitting on a bench in a park. Often when we take time to be still, our mind fills with things that we need to do, worries that we have or what we are going to do immediately after. It’s almost like physically we are sat there but our mind has wandered off elsewhere. This is where being mindful comes in. It requires you to take your focus away from your thoughts and back into the moment. Essentially, if we were to mindfully sit in the park we would shift our concentration to the blue shades of the sky, the temperature of the air or the sound of birds chirping. In doing so, our attention will have moved from the thoughts in our head to what we can see, hear and feel.

It is simply doing, without thinking.

How to get started

There is no single way to be mindful. It can be as simple as really listening to a friend or as intense as a 30-minute meditation. The point is that you have taken the time to be mindful, no matter how big or small this act may be. Here are some techniques that you can try to get started:

  • Mindful moving

Whether it is walking, riding your bike or running try to think more about the action you’re doing. Pay attention to your breathing, the moment your feet become in contact with the floor and the view of nature that you are passing. You will be less lost in thought and have more of a chance to appreciate the world around you.

  • Focus on your breathing

One of the easiest ways to become mindful quickly is to place your focus on your breath. Pay attention to how quickly you breathe in, how deep the breath is and how your chest rises up and down. This will instantly ease the thoughts filling your mind and replace them with a lighter feeling.

  • Work through your senses

Whatever moment you are in, stop to think about what you can see, hear, smell and feel. Doing this will encourage you to remove judgment and just notice the physical aspects of the world around you.

  • Meditate

The difference between meditation and mindfulness is that meditation is more centred on bringing awareness within yourself, whereas mindfulness often involves a focus on what is around you. That being said, mindfulness is a form of meditation so to truly master it meditating can be a really helpful tool. If you’re unsure how to meditate, you can try giving headspace a go to show you the basics.

  • Mindful eating

When we are eating often we attempt to do other stuff at the same time (like scrolling through social media or messaging a friend). When we do this we don’t feel as satisfied and nourished by our meal. Take the time to eat slowly, concentrate on the taste of the food and enjoy the time out that comes with it eating.

  • Listen intently

Naturally, when we are having a conversation we spend the time that someone is talking to us thinking about how we should reply. This means we aren’t actually listening to what they have to say. To be a mindful listener you have to really focus on what someone is saying, their body language and what emotions you can sense.

The benefits

Whilst it may seem simple and like it wouldn’t really do much, there are lots of benefits from carrying out this little practice:

  • Increased gratitude

When we are mindful, we are appreciative. We spend less time thinking about what we don’t have and create space to be thankful for the little things in life, such as a bright blue sky or a scent that reminds us of a memory.

  • A clearer mind

Mindfulness is appreciating a situation without judgment, which allows you to become more open-minded. The result of this is being able to find peace in moments that could easily have been filled with worry.

  • Encourages positivity 

Having said that, it’s important to note that mindfulness doesn’t try to eliminate negative thoughts. Instead, it offers ways to think around them by giving you a moment where your struggles aren’t the entire focus of your mind.

  • Relaxes 

Focusing our minds can help us to physically relax. When we feel stressed it manifests in our bodies, making us feel tense and uncomfortable. Encouraging space in the mind, where less stress is present, will tell your body to relax too.

Got any tips of your own? Head over to Community and let us know how you get mindful!

There’s nothing worse than feeling like all your creativity and productivity has been sucked dry. Hitting ‘The Wall’ at work or when you’re studying is one thing, but facing absolute burnout when it comes to your own creative passions, side projects and hobbies is quite another. What you need to do is learn to hit the pause button from time to time.

Recently, the subject of burnout has been discussed by many prominent YouTubers and Twitch broadcasters, who spoke up on the difficulties of having to create daily content at higher and higher qualities for their audiences. We think it’s awesome to see these content creators speak up about burnout and raise awareness, so we thought we would give you some help in what to do to avoid this as we know it isn’t just these social media stars who suffer.

What is Burnout?

Burnout affects your energy, making you feel both physically and emotionally drained (even though you had a huge Saturday morning lay in). It could make you feel negative, cynical or bored of your work. You may find yourself struggling to concentrate, or even worse: struggling to sleep or be creative! 😱

A good place to start is to write down the things that are stressing you out. What’s making you anxious? What are you currently finding exhausting? What should you do about it?  Take time out? Sure. But how do you do that and where do you start?

Let’s get physical

Many people recommend the gym or running but for some, a long walk in fresh air will do the trick. You don’t have to do this alone, find a friend and have a long de-stressing gossip while you walk! Exercise makes us feel good thanks to it creating little neurons in your brain called endorphins (the same thing happens when we eat chocolate too!) Remember you need to continue to eat healthily, drink lots of water and get a good night sleep too.

Mental escapes

While it will help you in some way to (literally) run away from your burnout, mental escapes are crucial in giving yourself a healthy dose of distraction.

For some people, creative activities (whether it’s writing, vlogging, gaming etc) involve spending significant time indoors and alone. Be sure to plan cool things to do with your mates and family to make sure you stay sociable. Anything that takes your mind off things will be good for both your mental health and your creativity:

  • Watch a film
  • Cook dinner
  • Watch a TV show
  • Play a sport
  • Learn another language
  • Play a game
  • Pick up some adult colouring books
  • Bake a cake

[full-width-figure image=”https://www.ditchthelabel.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/burnoutpic.jpg”]

Diversify your creations

Sometimes we need to do something a little different to jumpstart our brain into thinking differently… If you’ve spent the last week reading through what feels like hundreds of books for research or study, try drawing some ideas down instead or speak them out loud to a friend. It will help you to see things from a different perspective which is crucial in helping you over the roadblock in your mind. Alternatively, do something creative that you’ve never tried before.

Take a break

Sometimes we just need to do nothing. Making sure you have an escape from everything is equally important, we all deserve a break after all!

  • Make a cup of tea
  • Have a duvet day
  • Practise mindfulness: Go for a walk in the countryside, beach or a park and enjoy the sights and sounds around you.
  • Lay on your bed and listen to music
  • Meditate – find out how to do that here.

Don’t forget to give yourself some downtime!

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Got any tips of your own? head over to Community to share how you chill out and keep focused!


It’s quickly become the buzzword of the 21st century and for good reason. Here are 25 ways you can practice self-care.

Psychologists describe self-care as anything that you do to look after your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Quite often, we neglect our self-care needs due to our increasingly busy and digital lifestyles, but it’s super important to build and regularly incorporate a self-care ritual into your life and trust us on this, doing so will make the world of difference to your health and outlook.

Did you know that some of the most successful people in the world all have their own self-care rituals? Beyoncé says that she once took a year out to focus on her health and regularly uses meditation, acupuncture, visualisation and exercise in her self-care regime. Prince Harry says that he meditates daily in order to look after his mental health.

We recommend setting aside a regular amount of time each week to self-care and after a few weeks of doing it, it’ll become a habit and much easier to stick to. The great thing about self-care is that it doesn’t have to be super fancy or complicated in order to be effective and different things work better for different people. So give some of our suggestions a go and feel free to leave yours in the comment section below!

1. Take a day off… from everything

Turn off your phone. Put your work away. Erase your to-do list from your mind. Have a day where absolutely nothing is expected of you.

2. De-clutter

Clutter that we don’t need can make us feel stressed. Take the advice of “tidy space, tidy mind” and clear out anything you don’t need.

3. Write stuff down

Make a note of your achievements, goals and wandering thoughts. You might find relief when you release it from your mind onto a piece of paper.

4. Enjoy your favourite things

Read your favourite book, eat the food you love, watch the TV series you are addicted too. Do things that are just for you without guilt.

5. Meditate

Being present in your body is one of the best ways you can care for it. Take time to notice any aches and pains you have been ignoring.

6. Open up

If something is on your mind that you are struggling to deal with alone, share it with someone. You may find the problem eases when it’s shared. We’re here if you want to share with us.

7. Unfollow people on social media

Remove people from your life that make you feel any kind of negativity. It’s simple, but it’s a way of looking after yourself online.

8. Go for a walk

Fresh air has so many benefits that we just don’t consider. Spending some time outdoors will help clear your mind.

9. Remove judgement

Simply allowing certain thoughts to exist without being negative towards them is a way to be kinder to yourself.

10. Spending time alone

When you’re aways with others you spend a lot of time being mindful of other people. Take time where you only think of yourself.

11. Say no

Turning things down is a way of recognising what you need. Just by saying no you have taken steps to put yourself first.

12. Give yourself a treat

Whether it’s a bath, a chocolate bar or a new item of clothing, get something that celebrates you.

13. Make a new playlist

Music is a great way to unwind. Put together a list of songs that instantly make you feel calm.

14. Create a mood diary

Keep track of the way that you feel. You will become more aware of how you can look after yourself better.

15. Try something new

Giving something different a go is a great way to find more of what you love. This will mean you have more to turn to when you need self-care.

16. Create a cosy space

Light some candles, grab blankets and play soft music. You will be able to relax easier in a calm space.

17. Do something productive

Write a list, cook some food or tidy up. Being productive is a great way to put our minds at ease.

18. Call an old friend

It’s normal for life to get in the way and for you to lose touch with people. Reach out to someone you miss and feel the comfort that they offer.

19. Get organised

Organise your drawers, set goals and make plans. Setting everything out in front of you will allow your mind to rest.

20. Find a change of scenery

If you feel stuck in a particular mindset, changing your environment might help. Go somewhere new and see a different perspective.

21. Be active

Release some endorphins and you will find that your mood lifts naturally. Plus your body will feel better for it too.

22. Have a nap

It’s hard to see things clearly when we are tired. Allow yourself to take some time to rest and refresh.

23. Dance

Move in your bedroom, down the street or in the shower. It doesn’t matter how, as long as you let your body just move how it wants to.

24. Read/watch something funny

Sometimes it’s tough to lift our mood by ourselves. Tune into something, like a funny YouTube clip that you know can help do it for you.

25. Do something for others

Self-care doesn’t always have to be about ourselves. Often caring for others is the route to our own happiness.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool once we know how to use it effectively. Dr Valerie Mason-John has some valuable tips to remember when you’re experiencing bullying in-the-moment and how to minimise its effects in the aftermath…

When you are mindful, you learn to breathe fully into the body, you learn to become aware of sensations in the body. You also become aware of your thinking and learn to love yourself. Believe it or not, mindfulness can protect us from the effects bullying.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, here are some tips to get you going:

1. Be assertive with breath

Focus on your breathing to assert your boundary. You may have to walk away from people calling you horrible names, and this may feel unpleasant in your body, just keep on walking, breathe and know that it will pass.

2. Become aware of your alarm bell

If your breath becomes ragged, hands become sticky, your tummy gurgling, body shaking, teeth chattering, these are warning signs to tell you that you are feeling uncomfortable. Leave, remove yourself at the first possible moment. Remember to listen to your body when it’s telling you something’s not right.

3. Thoughts

If you miss the unpleasant feelings in the body you may hear yourself thinking strange thoughts. Again, remove yourself at the first possible moment. You don’t have to be the target of someone’s bullying behaviour. You could even try an app, such as Headspace, to help ease these thoughts.

4. Your phone

If you receive an unwanted text. Breathe, and report it. Gossiping about it and sharing it with others allows it to take up too much space in your mind and will make matters worse. Find out how you can be more mindful whilst on your phone here.

5. The home

If you are at risk at home, it can be hard to find an environment to be mindful. Tell a teacher, speak to Ditch the Label, ask for help, and keep on telling someone until they listen.

6. Love

Learn to love yourself. When you practice mindfulness it will become easier to find the good in yourself.  This will make it much harder for bullying to affect you in the long term.

7. Threats

Don’t let threats stop you from telling someone what’s going on. Threats make you feel horrible in the body; nervous and scared. This is normal. Sure, it’s unpleasant but all the more reason to speak up and report it.

8. Repercussion

Sometimes it seems like when you do speak up, it can make matters worse. Maybe you have received more threats since you told someone and it’s normal to be scared of the repercussions. Remember that it will pass. Don’t let the fear be a reason not to speak up – overcoming bullying is a process and it won’t stop overnight, be patient.

9. Become aware of your body

Remember to stand tall, this doesn’t mean you have to be physically tall or big. It means you need to breathe, be confident, take up your space, and try to be assertive. Understand that you don’t deserve to be treated badly and it is never your fault. Believe in yourself.

Dr Valerie Mason-John M.A (hon.doc) is one of the new leading African descent voices in the field of Mindfulness. She is also a performance Poet-activist. Hear her TEDx talk and visit her website www.valeriemason-john.com

Got any tips of your own?

Share them in Community where people could really benefit from your help…

social expectations

It’s time to say goodbye to meeting expectations

There are so many expectations in society and whoever you are you probably feel immense pressure to live up to them. One of the reasons we strive to meet expectations and be perfect is probably because of what we constantly see on social media – we’re always comparing ourselves to others!


In reality, no-one is perfect. Your definition of it differs to other people’s definitions. You will have things you like and dislike about yourself and those things are what make you unique and perfect in your own distinct way! Only when you love your uniqueness will others start to see your true confidence. Loving yourself will positively impact all different aspects of your life.

The pressures you’re faced with throughout life from a young age can seriously impact your mental health and wellbeing. You may feel like you’re not successful enough, happy enough or good enough. It’s time to start focussing on your own individual goals, dreams and happiness and stop comparing yourself to others! Here are 10 common expectations in society and why it’s ok to ignore them:

1. To have loads of friends and be really popular

You probably see loads of people who have big friendship groups and you feel like you’re weird for only having a couple or even one. Well, it’s absolutely healthy to have a small amount of friends. Remember, it isn’t about quantity, it’s all about the quality!

2. To always be active on social media

Studies suggest that the pressures attached with being very active on social media are damaging people’s mental health and wellbeing. You probably feel like if you don’t instantly reply or maintain a Snapstreak (which is where you keep a Snapchat relationship going every day) then you are going to upset your friends. But if your friends actually get angry with you for breaking a Snapstreak then you might want to question your friendship…

3. To be really, really good at something

It doesn’t matter if you’re an average pianist or football player or dancer or singer or whatever else there is… It’s absolutely fine to just enjoy doing something because hey, you enjoy it! It isn’t about being fantastic, it’s all about having fun and feeling good!

4. To always be busy doing something productive

There seems to be a constant pressure these days to always be really busy doing something. If you’re happy chilling on your own and living a simple life at a slow pace then that’s all good! It’s all about what is good for you – no-one else!

5. To be in a relationship

Don’t just be with someone because you feel like you should have someone. When you meet somebody who makes you feel really good then start thinking about being in a relationship with them! Don’t just do it for the status, otherwise, you’ll soon realise and it’ll get seriously awkward!

[full-width-figure image=”https://www.ditchthelabel.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/different-compressor.jpg”]

6. To be happy all the time and smile all the time

Ugh, this one is just so frustrating! It’s perfectly normal to not be happy 24/7. When people say “smile”… I mean come on, who just stands there smiling? It’s nobody’s business what your face is doing anyway!

7. To do the standard education route and go to college or university

You may decide to do an apprenticeship instead of go to college or you may decide to go to university later in life and work for a bit beforehand. You may even decide to not go to university at all! Whatever it is you decide to do – it’s your life and guess what? You can decide how it goes. Listen to your instinct and don’t just do things because you think it’s what you should do. Your instinct is usually right.

8. To do certain things at certain ages…

Live your life how it feels it should be lived. Don’t just do things because some people your age are doing it! For example, at 17 everyone might be rushing to learn to drive. But if you don’t feel like you’re ready to – then don’t rush it. Do stuff when you feel ready and it feels right – otherwise, you’ll just end up causing yourself a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress.

9. To act a certain way just because of how you look or dress

Newsflash… Our appearance doesn’t define us! We can express ourselves through the way we dress but that doesn’t mean people are allowed to pass judgement based on appearance.

10. To have certain views because of your family or social background

Loads of people feel as though they have to live by the expectations of their family or that they have to behave a certain way. If you don’t agree with these things, then you shouldn’t go along with them. Family members can put a lot of pressure on each other and yes, we all have duties as family members – but we are also individuals. So, just be you!  You’ll end up frustrated and unhappy if you continue pretending to be someone you’re not.

Say goodbye to being told who or how you should be. Say hello to being you and living life how you want to live it. It’s ok to ignore all these pressures and social expectations and you will find true happiness when you stop looking outside for the answer and start looking inside.

Our digital mentors are here to help you – whether you’re struggling with social expectations or got something else on your mind, we’re here for you! 😊