10 Reasons Why you Should Never be Ashamed of your Mental Illness

We are not ashamed… People are tired of hiding their mental illnesses. Tired of pretending to have a cold for the fifth time this year, instead of disclosing the real reason to employers why they’re off sick again. Tired of explaining why they can’t get out of bed. Tired of explaining why yesterday, they were

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What Not to Say to a Depressed Person

Depression doesn’t take your personal circumstances into account. It doesn’t care what car you drive, it doesn’t care about race or religion or where you were born. It doesn’t care about your upbringing or whether or not you are in a relationship. Depression indiscriminately picks people, regardless of what they have or have not been

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Five Things We Tell Ourselves When We’re Struggling with our Mental Health (but probably shouldn’t)

When you’re struggling with your mental health it’s easy for your mind to play tricks on you. It can convince you of thoughts that stop you getting the help that you need. Often, it’s easier to downplay what you’re going through because admitting it can be really scary. There are certain thoughts that will play

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