Don’t think gender stereotypes still exist? Read this

So it can be pretty easy in 2019 to believe that gender stereotypes no longer exist. Hell, the women’s World Cup last year was the most successful it’s ever been, meanwhile Queer Eye is tearing up a storm on Netflix. So how can they still exist, right? When the world is looking pretty wonderfully gender

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How to Stop Shaming Other People’s Looks: 7 Hacks

We’ve all done it from time to time, sometimes more than a little often. Judging other people based on appearance alone can become second nature to most of us, even when we don’t mean it to. It can often come down to a thing we all have called unconscious bias, meaning our brains make snap

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Want to Stop Judging People? Give This a Read

Ever judged someone without meaning to, or maybe made a snap decision about someone before you’ve actually gotten to know them? Yeah, we thought so. That’s a thing called unconscious bias. It’s basically a big pot of all your experiences, opinions, media reports and things people might have told you about others. These all build

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Annual Bullying Survey 2019

Hey guys, so did you know it’s Anti-Bullying Week this week? Well it is! And we have been working our socks off to research bullying all around the UK. This is the Annual Bullying Survey, and this year we’ve decided to do it on the theme of Pride and Prejudice. Basically, we wanted to look...Read More

Cyberbullying: Top 9 Tips On Overcoming It

Up to 7 in 10 young people experience cyberbullying before the age of 18… but what is it and who does it affect?

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Getting Over Bullying

In celebration of World Day of Bullying Prevention and Anti Bullying Week, here’s a little something to consider for those who have been bullied in the past and are looking forward to moving on! The bullying is over… Maybe you moved class, maybe you don’t work there anymore, maybe you even moved school. The point

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8 Steps To Breaking Up With A Toxic Friend

Friends. Not just a 90s TV show but something we all have and need to get through life. The thing is though, despite what TV friendships would have you believe, sometimes they aren’t all that good for you. In fact, toxic friendships can be totally draining on you, your other relationships and can get so

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How to Report Bullying – What are your Options?

You Are Not Alone If you are being bullied, it’s really important that you tell someone… we know, easier said than done right!? But whoever said that telling the teacher or your parents is ‘snitching’, is talking nonsense. Don’t listen to them. According to research collected in the 2017 Annual Bullying Survey, 37% of those

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Anti-Bullying Week Posters

When is Anti-Bullying Week 2020? Anti Bullying Week 2020 is Monday 16th November to Friday 20th November. Our research shows that 1 in 2 young people will, at some point experience bullying. As a result, 1 in 3 will self-harm, grades will drop and 14% will develop eating disorders. Bullying is a national emergency and continues to

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6 Things You Can Do If You Are Experiencing Racism

Our research found that 34% of young people reported being bullied for prejudice based reasons. Racism is a hate-crime; it is illegal to treat someone differently because of attitudes towards their race, religion, nationality or culture. Unfortunately we can’t identify the exact reason why somebody decides to act in a racist manner – racism, like

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