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Can We Guess Your Gender? [QUIZ]

You’ll be blown away by this one. Answer 9 fun questions and let’s see if we can tell you where you stand on the gender scale. Good luck!


I’m really sick of all these other quizzes on other sites that base everything off of gender stereotypes. This is great. It made me happy. Thank you.

Loved this quiz because I was sitting thinking, “What does any of this have to do with gender?” I had a good laugh at the end.

wtf? I’m actually very confused on my gender identity and I was hoping this quiz could help. I’ve been taking quizzes for about 2-3 hours now. when I finished it said ‘oops. we forget to ask your gender’ that was very disappointing..

Online quizzes won’t help you. They never get my gender right. You’re better off Googling questions you have about your gender identity. There’s a great lot of forums and websites out there that help define what the various gender identities are and can help you work out where you fall on the spectrum. Google is your friend. Helped me.

(Also I realise you made this comment a month ago. But this kind of self discovery and searching can take a while. Maybe you’ve already found some answers. Best of luck to you either way)

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