Bioré x Ditch The Label have teamed up to help celebrate our skin.


Ditch the Label research has consistently highlighted appearance-based bullying as one of the biggest challenges facing young people today. In our image obsessed society, we know that there is more pressure than ever to achieve ‘perfect’ skin while comparing ourselves to others in both real life and on social media.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Bioré on this Skin Esteem Campaign – we know this is an issue which affects young people and negatively impacts self-esteem and confidence.

Talking about skin and increasing accurate representation of real skin is the first step in feeling good in your own skin and our mission is to help you think differently about your skin, normalising real skin and common skin conditions and so called ‘imperfections’. We want to celebrate the amazing job our skin does to protect us and keep us healthy – to take the ‘bad’ out of bad skin days, starting today.

You can access all the support resources by visiting the dedicated Bioré Skin Esteem page here as well as following the campaign via the @BioreUK and @DitchtheLabel Instagram accounts.

Remember, if you are struggling with self-esteem or any other issue that is bothering you, you can reach out to our support mentors here.


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