Are You Beach Body Ready? 10 Reasons Why It’s B*S*

Social media has been divided in a debate over that annoying ‘Are you beach body ready?’ poster currently on the Underground. Here are 10 reasons why that poster is B*S* and why we must condemn it:

  • It’s edited and therefore does not represent a real body
  • The poster suggests that you are only ‘beach body ready’ if your body looks like the Photoshopped model
  • There is no representation of other body shapes and sizes that are more realistic
  • It makes women feel like crap, as one Facebook user comments: “I hate this sign. I look at it twice a day whilst waiting for my tube train. It makes me feel like sh*t.”
  • It promotes extreme dieting when we should be promoting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle  and not “meal replacement plans”
  • It’s part of the reason why 47% of teens want to change their appearance and children as young as 13 now want liposuction
  • It represents the bigger picture of using ‘ideal’ body image to sell a product
  • Consumers of the campaign will subliminally take the body shape shown as gospel and will then use it to benchmark themselves and others against
  • Because the beach is for everybody, regardless of your appearance or body shape
  • And last but not least… (our design team suggested this one)… that shade of yellow is really offensive

There you have it. 10 ultimate reasons why we must unite as a society, chew this crap up and spit it back out. This is NOT acceptable and we’re chuffed it was banned.