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8 Things People with Anxiety Are Totally Sick of Hearing

So, if you have anxiety, you are probably pretty used to hearing certain stuff. It’s usually super well-meaning people like family and friends who, whilst lovely, don’t quite get it. We decided that everyone deserves a bit of a giggle, so we put together a list of 8 of the most annoying things you are totally sick of hearing from people, complete with GIFs galore! 

“Just come out”


Usually from a friend, this one is always pretty hard to deal with, especially if they aren’t a close friend that you feel comfortable discussing your anxiety with. Pretty shit when the idea of going to the shops sounds like bloody torture right? If you really don’t feel like going somewhere with them and can’t exactly explain why, have a few easy to remember excuses in the back of your mind to use, or set up a chilled out sofa session with them so you don’t have to deal but still get your quality time.

“It’s fine”


This one is probably coming from someone who is worried about you but doesn’t know what to say or if they are going to make it worse. It might be worth having a conversation with them about it or if it’s a family member, maybe even having your Doctor explain it to them if they are really struggling with the idea. That way, they will be fully clued up on in the ins and outs of anxiety and should hopefully no longer see it as nothing.

“Don’t worry”


“Oh amazing! Thanks so much for that – you telling me to stop worrying about it has cured my anxiety completely and I can now go through my life with absolutely no concerns or mental health issues because you said that! You are wizard my friend! You should travel the globe doing this!” *screams internally*

“Cheer up” / “Smile”


Ugh. No. You are your own person and entitled to feel exactly how you want to in that moment – no one else owns your emotions, and cannot tell you how to feel at any point in your life.

“It’s all in your head”


To quote the late great Albus Dumbledore; ‘Of course it is happening in your head. But why on earth should that mean that it’s not real?’

“You seem normal to me” 


This one usually comes from someone who doesn’t understand the ups and downs associated with pretty much any mental health issue. Of course, you can feel fine some days, and days when you don’t, like literally everyone else on the planet. Besides, what is even ‘normal’ anyway?!

“Stop being so dramatic” 


For some people who don’t understand anxiety, it can look like you are being dramatic or making a fuss over nothing. This is just because they don’t get it. But it’s ok – try to make them understand. Pick a safe quiet place and talk to them about it. Or if you don’t feel comfortable explaining it to them face to face, send them an article about the symptoms and causes of anxiety to try to open their eyes to the realities of living with an anxiety disorder. 

 “Man up”


This is literally the worst. It’s saying stuff like this why toxic masculinity exists. No one needs to ‘man up’ at all (like, what does that even MEAN anyway?), but just get the help they need and deserve. If someone uses this as a reason why you should be ok, calmly sit them down and explain to them that anxiety can be a pretty crippling disorder, and that saying stuff like this isn’t going to make it any better. 

If you have anxiety or have anything else you want to talk about, you can reach out to the Ditch the Label Community here.


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