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15 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions (and the Secret to Sticking to them)

Do you need some inspiration for your New Year’s Resolution?

We’re bored of the old new year’s resolutions that tell us to lose weight and look perfect, so instead, we created a list of alternative (and realistic) New Year’s resolutions to make your 2020 as awesome as can be…

1. Make a bucket list

Start ticking off all the things you want to achieve this year and then make a separate list of all the awesome things you want to do before you’re 30.

2. Learn a creative skill

Woodwork, knitting, embroidery, cooking, painting, sketching, dancing, creative writing, brass rubbing, game developing, website building…. there really is a creative outlet to suit everybody, it’s just a case of finding it!

3. Say yes more

You don’t have to say Yes to everything, that could get you into some awkward situations, but just say yes more – you’ll be surprised at the cool things you’ll end up doing! Trust us on this one…

4. Make a new friend

This is a new (more realistic) take on an old classic. Some people find it hard to make new friends, so just focus one at a time for now! You got this…

5. Exist more in real-time (aka limit your social media usage)

60% of people admitted that they can’t go more than a day without social media. Think of all the everyday things you’re missing because you’re too busy scrolling through your news feed, don’t forget to look up from time to time – you’ll thank us later.

6. Read 50 books

Bit of a challenge this one admittedly, but it’s not unrealistic. Reading has endless benefits, it’s good for relaxation, vocabulary, imagination and its proven to make you smarter (true story).

7. Start a blog

Doesn’t really matter if no one reads it, think of it as a digital diary, only it’s published online for everyone to see. In all seriousness though, blogging is good for improving your writing skills, it looks great on your CV and is a really great way to get involved in different online communities.

8. Complete a 30-day challenge

The options are endless: Veganury, Movember, Stoptober (or make up your own…)

9. Meditate every day

Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated before, we can help you get started. It’s easier than you might think and trust us, you’ll feel so much better for it!

10. Face a fear

Hold a spider, do a bungee jump, swim in the sea – if you slowly build yourself up to facing it you’ll feel really proud of yourself once you’ve conquered it!

*Disclaimer* Some fear is good… if your fear is something like ‘being chased by a pack of hungry lions’… maybe it’s best to not face that one?!

11. Learn a new word every day

Not only will you genuinely expand your vocabulary by 365 words, but you can also ‘befog’ your friends in a group chat, see what we did there.

12. Write a gratitude list every week

What are you grateful for? It’s easy to get bogged down in the negative sometimes so it’s always good to appreciate the good things in your life! You’ll feel noticeably happier for doing it, that’s a guarantee.

13. Keep a bullet journal

It’s fun, creative and a great, alternative way to track your year without having to write endless paragraphs in a diary or blog. If writing isn’t your thing, give this a try!

14. Learn a badass magic trick

Not just your everyday card trick, but why not spend some time learning something that will actually leave your mates baffled. It’s a great icebreaker and you never know, you might be the next Houdini!

15. Volunteer

Lastly, this is a great one for a whole bunch of reasons: you get to support an organisation who could do with the extra help; you meet new and interesting people; its a great addition to a CV; its good for improving your self-confidence; you get to help people and make a difference; you get work experience; you’re making a good use of your spare time; you’ll feel good about yourself; you’ll learn new skills; you’ll probably get a cool t-shirt… (the benefits are endless).

Psssst, here’s the secret …

The secret to sticking to new year resolutions is this: Well… there isn’t one (sorry!) Just being yourself is enough.

You don’t have to reinvent yourself this New Year, just understand that everybody is a work in progress. Do what you love and love what you do!

What’s yours?

We want to hear what you’re planning for 2020, head over to the community to see what others have lined up this New Year…

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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