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13 Things You Can Do in the Summer for (Basically) Free

We get it. With all the fun in the sun to be had over the next few weeks, if there is one thing that is dead certain to happen over the summer break is you will eventually (or pretty quickly) find yourself with £0.13 in your Monzo account. That’s why we have come up with a list of the best ideas of things you can do super cheaply or completely free with your pals this summer. So, it might not be a day in Thorpe Park or a weekend in Barcelona, but it’s the company that counts. 

1) Go for walk/run 

It might seem super simple, but if you have the right company, just getting outside and going for a walk can be a great way to spend some time in the summer, especially if there are a few nice places near you. Before you know it you’ll have walked a few miles, and not even noticed. 

2) Commandeer a dog 

With owner permission of course, take a dog for a long walk. There is nothing that will make you want to be out in the sun more than having a furry friend to join you. If you don’t know anyone with one, sign up to Borrow My Doggy and match with pets in your area! 


3) Road trip somewhere for the day 

If one of your squad has a car to hand, have everyone chuck a few pounds petrol money their way and head somewhere a little further afield than the local shops for the day.  

4) Bake something delicious 

Get together and make like Mary Berry by raiding the kitchen cabinets and whipping up something delicious. We get first dibs on anything though, since we gave you the idea. 


5) Get crafty

You could try getting together and upcycling your wardrobe, even swapping clothes in the process, start a YouTube channel, paint, sew, glue or do whatever you do when you want to be creative.  

6) Set up your own cinema 

Seen loads of ads for those adorable (and not cheap) outdoor cinemas that spring up all over the country for the summer months? Make your own! Grab your pals, all the beanbags, cushions and blankets you can gather and set up the TV looking out into the garden. Then, wait for it to get dark and put on the feature film of the evening. Just add hot chocolate and popcorn. 

7) Photoshoooot

In need of a new profile photo for the ‘gram? Or maybe your friend needs to bulk out their Tinder profile with some brand spanking new shots to match the new season? Whatever the reason is, you can kill a few hours by heading outside at golden hour and grab a few pics that will have the likes rolling in until September. 


8) Set up a yoga group 

Get your spiritual on by setting a little yoga group in your garden. Some YouTube tutorials, a couple of yoga mats (if needs be, raid your Dad’s camping equipment for the sleeping mats) and you’re in for a relaxing time.

9) Sports tournament

Organised team sports the thing that you all have in common? Have a tournament this summer. If you are feeling super extra, you could always do a mini Olympics – winner gets cake and eternal glory. 

10) Have a throwback sleepover 

Miss those times when you and your pals would stay up late watching terrible movies? Why not recreate it this summer! Grab your mates, some throwback films and the cheapest snacks you can get your hands on. You can even raid the kitchen cupboards for some homemade face mask ingredients, or whack out the oldest video game you own and have a little tournament. 


11) Join a beach/park clean 

Get your environmental on this summer and volunteer with your pals to clean up the world we live in a little. Some even do it with silent disco headphones to keep you entertained with some sweet tunes whilst you’re doing your bit for the planet. 

12) Swim somewhere for free

If you are lucky enough to live near the sea, the chances are the beach will have a decent lifeguard on duty and all of the atlantic ocean for free (ok not all, a small portion near the shore). Make sure if you are thinking of heading to a lake or river, it is safe to swim and has a lifeguard on duty though! 

13) Pack a picnic

This one will cost as much as a meal deal or a few bags of crisps. Hit the local shop and try and get the best deal possible on snacks before heading to the nicest picnic spot you can think of. Take a few tunes on Spotify and a decent speaker and you’ve got a great afternoon with your pals.

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