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11 Things to Do When All Your Mates Are on Holiday

It is pretty much a universal truth that just when you are free for a week, that’s the one that all your mates pack their bags and head off on holiday with their families. Well, to save you from being stuck indoors all week waiting for them to return like a dog whose owner has gone to work, we put together a list of ideas that can keep you busy whilst their gone. 

1) Start that YouTube you’ve always planned on 

It might finally be time to buy that vlogging camera you’ve had your eye on for weeks and start your YouTube channel. Whether it’s beauty blogging, sports talk or move reviews, throwing yourself into a new project like that will be pretty great at keeping you occupied. Plus, it will be great to learn some video shooting and editing skills for when they get back and you can record the best summer ever. 


2) Get crafty

You don’t have to be particularly artistic to get a bit crafty during your spare time. Your thing doesn’t just have to be painting but could be making birthday cards, customising your clothes, making some collage art for presents or just getting in the kitchen. Even the worst baker in the world can make a basic cupcake, trust us. Plus, it will probably earn you some points with the parents when you whip up some tasty treats.

3) Get outside and active 

Run, hike, cycle, swim, take the dog for a walk. Try and get outside for at least an hour every day when the sun is shining and do something a bit active. Not only will it take your mind off what all your pals are up to, but it’s great for de-stressing the mind and body. Plus, you might end up with a tan to rival theirs when they get home. Win win. 

4) Learn something new 

All this free time is a great chance to level up in life and learn something new. It can be a few bits and pieces of a language that can help you out on holiday, how to skateboard or just breaking your keepie-up record. 


5) Plan your next trip 

Got your family holiday coming up? Beat the jealousy that might be creeping in by this point by having a look at where you are going. Try coming up with a list of suggestions for activities when you are there and some of the local food and drink you want to try when you are over. Dreaming of pizza in Rome or paella in Spain is way better than sitting around thinking about what all your pals are up to. Having a staycation? Look up local food places to wherever you’re going – make finding the best ice cream in Cornwall or welsh cakes in Swansea your mission. 

6) Switch up your look

Why not take this time to switch things up a bit and try a new look? Experiment with new outfits, change your hair, hit the shops. It’s a great way to kick start a bit of spring cleaning – by getting rid of everything you don’t wear anymore. Speaking of which…

7) Marie Kondo it

When the weather is a bit crap and you are bored as hell, take to your room and spend an afternoon clearing out all the stuff you don’t love or use anymore. Be ruthless with yourself and try to get two big bin bags full of stuff to take down the charity shop. You won’t be spending all your time thinking about your pals, you’ll feel better for having a clutter free space, and you’ve done a good deed too. If you put a bit of music on, or your favourite movie, you won’t even notice that what you are doing is actually the cleaning your parents have been begging you to do all year. 


8) Suggest a day trip with the family 

One of the best things that can come out of your friends leaving you is that there is now loads of time to catch up with those closest to you. Why not suggest a day trip to the beach, the cinema or a family shopping trip? 

9) Tie up loose ends 

Chances are, you’ve got a few loose ends to tie up from the past school year that will be hanging over your head until September. Sort your books and bits out, get rid of all the post exam notes you never want to look at again, and do the work you’ve been set for the break, if any. We know it isn’t exactly what you want to be doing, but summer will be way better once it’s done and you can forget about it. 

10) Cook for your family 

It’s time to do your best impression of your favourite TV chef and whip up something delicious to treat the family. Make a day of it by choosing your menu, buying all the ingredients and cooking everything from scratch. Pop a film on your iPad and get your chef’s hat on because you are gonna crush it. 


11) Remember – everyone will be home soon

Before you know it, all your buddies will be back in force to hang out and do stupid stuff with you. Hang in there! 

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