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11 Instagram Accounts that will Make Your Day At Least 107% Better

Sometimes, the world can totally suck. When it seems like nothing is going quite right and everything turns rubbish all at once, it can be pretty difficult to find something that will make you feel like smiling. That’s where we come in. We have put together this list of 11 amazingly positive Instagram accounts to bring a daily dose of positive into your life, which will surely have you feeling like how Billy Ray Cyrus probably felt when he got asked to be on that Old Town Road remix.  

1) Literally, what it says on the tin @thehappynewspaper

Feel like the news is always a massive bummer? Well the people over at @thehappynews have got your back. This is the account for a real actual newspaper published by people who think the news is too sad these days. So if you need to hear about all things good and wonderful in the world, give these guys a follow instantly.

2) Starting you on a self-love journey @i_weigh

Jameela Jamil’s online body positivity base is a now a dream of an account, filled with personal interviews with everyone’s favourite celebs, memes, affirmations and loads more. It’s pretty much the perfect toolkit to kick start your self-love journey.

3) Who says cartoons are for kids? @poorlydrawnlines

One of many absolutely hilarious Insta-cartoonists out there, Poorly Drawn Lines is serving up adorable animal cartoons coupled with some seriously sarcastic giggles. This is the dream for when you need an instant laugh that will probs turn into three hours of scrolling looking for the funniest one.

4) Giving you some serious wanderlust @natgeotravel

So it might be making your day better whilst also giving you some serious travel/holiday jealousy, but this National Geographic account is always beautiful to look at. Plus, if it gives you some ideas on where to go travelling when you finally get to go, then that’s a big ol’ bonus.

5) Serving up positive vibes and pretty pictures @stacieswift

Imagine you’ve let an 8 year old draw what they think positivity looks like. Well, throw some serious motivational quotes in there and you basically have Stacie’s IG.

6) All we can say is: Fooooooood @buzzfeedtasty

Sometimes, looking at all the tasty treats you can make with your mates on Saturday afternoon is the only thing that will perk you up on a Tuesday morning. Well @buzzfeedtasty is going to hook you up with pizza dough balls, cheese stuffed burgers, peanut butter cheesecake and some chocolate chip cookie recipes that will destroy your mind.

7) So many dogs @harlowandsage

CAN YOU EVEN????!!!!!! This account for a group of five mischievous doggos and a kitten, along with all their other four-legged pals, is just so full of squidge-able faces and high-five-able paws, there is no way this won’t make your day 107% better.

8) Colour colour colour @ohhappyday

Do you need some completely random, totally unconnected, yet equally bright and beautiful pics that make your feed look like you are living in a Disney movie? @ohhappyday is the absolute one. Think balloons, ice cream, sunshine, sprinkles, rainbows and so much yellow.

9) Comedy meets celebs @Waverider_

This account will give you all the comedy remakes of famous people photos that you never even knew you needed. Even though he is making about four photos a year at this point, when it crops up in your feed, it will definitely give you a laugh.

10) Serving lewks and unsolicited advice since the day you were born @fashiondads_

You know when your Dad is rocking an outfit so bad that you really don’t want to be seen to be related to him? Well @fashiondads_ records every shit, shocking and superb Dad outfit you’ve ever seen. They wore bumbags and bucket hats before it was cool.

11) Human stories @humansofny

Basically everyone has heard of @humansofny, but in case you haven’t, this account is a sure fire way to get a smile on your face with its pictures of real people and real stories of what they have achieved and overcome.

So next time you go scrolling through IG for the fifth time that afternoon, give one of these guys a follow for some guaranteed giggles, or at least a smile. Oh – we almost forgot…

12) US!

For some daily inspiration, memes, cute pics, motivation, and generally amazing posts (ok we might be biased) give our Instagram a follow @ditchthelabel. We promise smiles and good vibes.