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10 reasons why being called “over sensitive” is actually a compliment

In society there are those who are “over sensitive”, those who are “insensitive” and those who are somewhere inbetween! We’re all different and that’s great! But for those who are often told they’re “over sensitive” or “too emotional” and often feel hurt – this is for you…

Firstly, when someone who is sensitive is told “you’re over sensitive” it is obviously going to be taken as an insult! The term has negative connotations attached to it and understandably if you’re a sensitive person you’re probably going to take what people say about you to heart. And more often than not people say it in a tone attempting to put you down.

At Ditch the Label we are dispelling these insults and exposing them for what they truly are – compliments!

So, next time someone tries to insult you just remember these following 10 reasons why being “over sensitive” or “too emotional” is a positive part of who you are. It’ll remind you that what you have is a gift that many people want and don’t have! So hey… lucky you!

1. You feel everything deeper than most people ever will

Yep, including the bad stuff too which isn’t so fun. But in turn you feel the really, really great stuff so intensely too, which is something so many people are envious of! So you should totally embrace that!

2. You love hard

Because you experience and feel everything so deeply it means you experience and feel love so deeply! Yep, the heartbreak also hits you hard and can be really overwhelming – but as the famous quote goes – “’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” (Alfred Tennyson).

3. You’re kind and caring

You put yourself in everyone’s shoes and feel like you can see life through other people’s perspective. This makes you compassionate and therefore, you always look out for others and make sure they feel good.

4. You realise the wrongs in the world – and try to put them right!

When you watch the news or read a sad story you can feel like you’ve almost experienced it for yourself! The emotions overwhelm you, you’re starting to well up, you just want to go and rescue everyone and take them home to yours for some tea and cake. But seriously, you see stories and you just can’t switch off; you want to make a difference! You want to help people! And this is a quality which will take you far. And by the way, you’re probably making a difference somehow already you just don’t realise it.

5. You try to learn from your experiences

You try and understand your feelings and why you felt that way. When you’re really upset you try and work out what really made you feel upset. When you’re really happy you notice what made you feel that way and make sure you do it again. Yes okay, you analyse, and over analysing can be a negative thing sometimes – but the good thing is that you make sure you reflect on your emotions and you understand why you’ve felt them. So in the future you remember what to do and what not to do so that you feel good.

6. You feel fulfilled

Because you make your life rich and full by experiencing everything in its entirety from the really happy to the really sad! Every moment is enriching you – people who criticise you for being “over sensitive” or “too emotional” are probably envious of you and they want to feel things the way you do – they want to be able to feel more… to feel fulfilled.

7. You’re perceptive and aware of your surroundings

Because you’re sensitive you’re also aware so you notice everyone you walk past, you remember faces and you always pick up on people’s moods and personalities. You’re also observant of your environment so you’re usually the one who predicts when something bad is going to happen!

8. You embrace everything deeply so you embrace new things deeply too

Which is great for employment! Because sensitive people tend to overthink and find it hard to let go of hurt feelings and negative thoughts means you can absorb a lot of albeit negative things too, which shows how you can do the same with positive and healthy things!

9. You are the best at self care

As you’re sensitive you take note of the fact you need lots of time to look after yourself and you realise when you need time to yourself to have a pamper or a movie night. Many people think they don’t need that. But people who are sensitive are aware they do as you’re always making sure you get enough food, self-care and sleep so you look and feel great!

10. It is a part of you and that is unique to you! Don’t apologise for being you!

When someone tries to insult a part of your character, it is because of their own insecurities. Don’t let someone dim your light because they aren’t shining so bright.